About Us

Fence Supply Inc. - Our Reason for Being

Build the Highest Quality Products, build longevity into our products in order to cause no unnecessary harm to our world, efficiently utilize our precious resources with technology to increase the serviceability of our products.

Staying true to our core values during forty-plus years in business has helped us create a company we’re proud to run and work for. And our focus on making the best products possible has brought us success in the marketplace.

The Fenceshed.com allows Fence Supply Inc. to extend our core values by offering excess, blemished, and demo products to our valued customers at extraordinary prices.

Visit fencesupplyinc.com/go-green-initiatives/ to learn more about our environmental activities.
Our Goal for the Fenceshed.com is to be used as a springboard to develop a method to fully utilize fence material for its full usable life.

Please contact me directly with any feedback or ideas to improve our efforts.

Thank you for your support
Christopher Scott Brown, President
Fence Supply Inc.